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Alexander Superial Reeds
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The Superial Story In analysing the root of my reed problem - i.e. constant frustration with reeds that did not last well or died on me mid-performance - it became clear to me that the problem was the deterioration in the quality of the cane. With this in mind I set out to find the source of the highest quality cane available. I was most fortunate to find this cane from the Var, on land near the mountains, once quarried for marble. The marble in the form of silica actually works its way up into the roots of this marvelous cane and this is may be why reeds made from it last so long. This is Arundo Donax cane and has become a precious and premium commodity. Our Arundo Donax cane with a balance ratio of well developed fibre to pulp, furnishes the reed with resilient "spring" endurance. We make sure that the cane is aged and sun dried to give it the maturity and stability necessary to transform it into a reed that will perform to high standards.
Tom Alexander
For more information and to see what people are saying about Superial Reeds, go direct to the Alexander Superial web site www.superial.com With musicains such as Branford Marsalis, Joe Lovano, Greg Osby, David Liebman, Paul Brodie, Vincent Herring, Jaleel Shaw, James Houlik, Harry Sokal, Ravi Coltrane (son of the legendary John Coltrane), and Seamus Blake (who just won the "Thelonius Monk Intenational Jazz Competition for Jazz Saxophone) and recently Bob Berg, Ornette Coleman and Joshua Redman - to name just a few, isn't it about time that you changed over too?
If you are currently using Rico, La Voz or Java you should try Superial reeds.
If you are using Rico Royal, Rico Jazz, Hemke or Vandoren V16 you should try Superial DC reeds.
If you are using Vandoren or any other harder classic reeds you should try Superial Classique reeds.
Superial Reeds DC Reeds Classique Reeds NY Reeds
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