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Which Ligature?
Rovner Ligatures
by Size
Rovner Ligatures
by Mouthpiece
  Rovner Ligatures  
Which Ligature?
Rovner Ligatures
by Size
Rovner Ligatures
by Mouthpiece
Twenty-Six Years of innovative design. and ongoing improvements!
  LISTEN That's what Rovner do best. They listen to you... to your suggestions, frustrations, triumphs and, most of all, to your wish list for woodwind accessories that you can depend on for quality and performance.

They listen to hundreds and hundreds of mouthpieces, ligatures, and reeds -- their own and others -- in every conceivable combination. They listen with the ears of a scientist and the ears of a musician. They listen for that magical translation of sound waves and oscillation and vibration into musical notes that are sweet, clear and pure.

They listen earnestly, attentively and expectantly because, like you, they believe the music is everything. That's why there so dedicated to helping every woodwind player of every calibre enjoy the utmost in musical expression. Trust them for quality, service and innovative design.

The Rovner Dark, Light and Mark III Ligatures incorporate an old idea for creating natural sound... softly holding the reed to the mouthpiece with no pressure points, just as if the reed were tied on with a string. Because there are no pressure points or rigid constraints on the reed, the reed seats evenly to the facing of the mouthpiece, thereby reducing stiffness and increasing tonal clarity. These features contribute to the playing characteristics for which Rovner Ligatures are famous; even scales, accurate intonation and excellent control.

Rovner Ligatures also greatly improve reed playability. Reeds which are totally unplayable on other ligatures will often perform well with the Rovner. The ability of the Rovner Ligature to extend reed life is unparalleled. More rigid ligatures actually hammer the cane fibers during vibration, eventually destroying the reed's tonal vibrancy. Not so with Rovner. Most players find their reeds will play until the tips finally succumb to fatigue and fall apart!
  • Permits the reed to vibrate more freely than with conventional metal ligatures
  • Improves tone, response and intonation of woodwind instruments
  • Allows reed to swell and shrink without distorting the reed body, reducing the likelihood of leakage at the facing
  • Reduces peculiar modes of vibration that give rise to uneven scales, poor intonation, squeaks and raspiness
  • If properly used, will provide greater playing ease, considerably extended reed life and fewer rejected reeds
  • Is made of the finest materials obtainable
  • Has a body made of neoprene-impregnated polyester fabric that will not stretch or rot and is chemically impervious; is fitted with corrosion-resistant metal fittings
  • Undergoes constant scrutiny for possible improvements
  • All current ligatures feature double-textured ligature body with new T-process Polymer Impregnation.
Rovner Dark Ligature
Rovner Dark Ligature The original Rovner Ligature that has won acceptance worldwide for its ability to perform like a classic string ligature, but with greater convenience. Now improved, with more reliable metal fittings and refinements in construction. Gives a big, centered tone with the ease of control and playability that only a string ligature can give. Supplied with an improved cap design for a more effective fit to the mouthpiece.

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Rovner Light Ligature
Rovner Light Ligature A free-playing ligature with a broader, more open tone quality for gutsy, contemporary styles of playing. Gives a free and responsive feel similar to other Rovner Ligatures, but with a bit reedier air to the sound. Same improved cap design as for the "DARK" for effective reed protection.

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Rovner Star Series Ligature
Rovner Start Series Ligature Born out of a desire for "better performance and a simpler design delivered at a less cost", the Star Series ligature epitomizes the "less is more" theory behind Rovner's next generation products. It's beauty is in its simplicity and in it's extraordinary low price! Resonant and free-playing, this ligature also uses a standard cap. Now Rovner innovation is affordable to most every player. Supplied Complete with Mouthpiece cap.

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Rovner Custom MK III Ligature
Rovner Custom MK III Ligature A premium ligature that is extraordinary in all characteristics of tone, response and ease of playing. Delivers a big, solid, well-centered tone of great brilliance, but without buzz or hash. Offers amazing response in all registers, as well as unbelievable accuracy, control of expression and dynamic range. Supplied Complete with Mouthpiece cap.

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Rovner Legacy Ligature
Rovner Legacy Ligature Extends your performance boundaries! Superior articulation, Locked-in intonation, Unsurpassed harmonic richness. The Legacy Ligature will help you dominate other amplified instruments even when your unamplified. Delivers great cut and projection. Play your softest notes with subtle nuance and wail with power and authority. Supplied Complete with Mouthpiece cap.

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Rovner Versa X Ligature
Rovner Versa X Ligature What happens when you combine the very best features of some of the very best ligatures in the world? Phil Rovner took the flaps from the original Versa Series, the "mass" of the Platinum Seires, the felxible resonating ribs of the Star Series and the unique cradle design of the Legacy series - and engineered a new Ligature that is PURE MAGIC
Supplied Complete with Mouthpiece cap.
  • EXtreme Performance
  • EXceptional Resonances
  • EXacting Intonation
  • EXraodinary Patented
  • Mass Loaded Technology
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Rovner Versa Ligature
Rovner Versa Ligature For both clarinets and saxophones, this ligature embodies much of the tonal "center" of a good metal ligature, but with the flexibility and freedom that are the hallmark of Rovner Ligatures. Simply put, no other ligature feels this good! The Versa Model offers a great sense of playing confidence derived from the feeling of complete control and accurate, intensely focused intonation. Great sonority reigns in the bottom two-thirds of the low register on both clarinet and saxophone. Notes that normally buzz irritatingly achieve a new level of tonal purity and roundness. Register breaks, up or down, take place with nearly the same ease as movement to adjacent notes. Many reeds that wouldn't play are instantly turned into great performers. The depth of sound of this ligature reveals how all other ligatures are shallow-sounding. Supplied Complete with Mouthpiece cap.

What's the basis for this giant leap forward in ligature performance?
  • Internal ribbing that floats the ligature body on the mouthpiece
  • Very thin stainless steel rails supporting the reed
  • New free-floating metal fittings that produce better seating of ligature and reed
  • A new Polymer-impregnated, double textured ligature body
Rovner VAN GOGH Ligature
Rovner Van Gogh Ligature This latest addition to Rovner's line of Next Generation products is 30-50% taller than a standard ligature, and features Rovner's patented Mass Loaded Technology with unique Resonating Ribs. The extra height enables the Van Gogh to grasp almost the entire heel of the reed, eliminating "pinch points" that restrict vibration, and also preventing reed warp. This Rovner ligature on steroids offers a BIG but controllable sound, with excellent response, projection and intonation. It responds to simple adjustments that vary the tone, providing freedom from the paradigm of dark or bright.
Rovner Platinum Metal Ligature
Rovner New All Metal Ligature Looking more like artistic jewelry then a woodwind accessory, this new ligature utilizes Rovner's exclusive Mass Loaded TM technology featuring weighted elements which tune the ligature's resonance band below the pass band of the instrument.
No other ligature has a big, warm, and responsive tone with such a phenomenal degree of control. Played softly (pianissimo) or loudly (double fortissimo), this ligature yields a tremendous evenness of scale in the most effortless manner. Capable of converting a thin, bodiless sound into something with substance and warmth, this ligature will amaze with it’s performance. It will bolster and solidify the lower register of both clarinets and saxophones; and enhance facility and response on the very bottom notes of Saxophones. Supplied Complete with Mouthpiece cap.
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